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In 2014 I graduated from London Metropolitan University with a First Class Undergraduate Degree in Youth Studies, a sociological and cultural course focused on issues surrounding young people; construction of identity, media representation, social policy, community development.

During the my 3 years of study I developed a keen interest in people’s experiences and how these are shaped by various factors – in particular culture, ethnicity and socio-economic background.

Post-graduation I worked in various youth work settings, young offenders institutions and supported housing as two examples, gaining practical experience and understanding of the real lives and experiences of young people.

I continued to travel throughout all of this, stealing days or weeks wherever possible to satisfy my desire for seeing the world and to gather perspective of the lives led by others outside of my own.

Before setting off on a trip to India at the beginning of 2016, which would ultimately lead me to taking the plunge into the life of a ‘full-time traveller’, I worked as a Geography Teacher in two London High Schools.

I have worked for The Better India – India’s largest positive news sharing platform – as a writer and multimedia producer and prior to that for Tripoto – a social travel community – as a content creator.

I am a multimedia content creator with interests in people’s storytelling, first person experience stories, on-ground events coverage and travel stories and features.

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