Dare to Dialogue

Dare to dialogue is about gathering and sharing multiple perspectives on 21st century issues. Its aim is to broaden the understanding of important topics and pave the way for new narratives that reflect the lives of those living in the times.

Women & Freedom Project

What do we mean when we talk about women’s rights in the 21st century? What does freedom mean to the women of the world today? These are the questions that the Women & Freedom project seeks to find answers to.

By talking to women across the world, the Women & Freedom project aims to bring the voices, stories and experiences of real women to light. The hope is that it will support a global woman narrative and an understanding of women’s rights as intersectional, inclusive and a real representation of the world’s women.

The Women & Freedom project is towards an international decade for the empowerment of women from 2020 to 2030.

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Women and Freedom: “It’s okay if I want to be muscular”

I discuss the relationship between women and fitness in India with Mrinalini Bakshi Sengupta aka Minnie, a 31-year-old runner and CrossFitter from Kolkata, India. Read her story on Medium

Women and Freedom: “To have the choice to choose”

I hear from Shalini, a 22-year-old graduate from Bangalore who lives her life torn between aspirations to pursue the life she wants for herself and trying to avoid the conflict that doing so often brings in to her conservative family. Read her story on Medium

Women and Freedom: “They told my parents that I should stay at home, not go outside”

I hear from Manjula, a 37-year-old Financial Forecaster from Bangalore, India about her journey, as a disabled woman, to independence and a degree of equality in a society set up to exclude her. Read her story on Medium

Women and Freedom: “Just allow me to take responsibility for my mistakes”

I hear from Menaka, a 37-year-old natural farmer from Kerala, India. Ten years of working in the city sent her back to her small childhood village to manager her father’s farm. She discusses her challenges and her triumphs. Read her story on Medium

Women and Freedom: “I made a call. I chose to live”

I hear from Renn, a 28-year-old designer from London, UK about her personal fight to gain control of her life by accepting her struggles with mental health. Read her story on Medium.