Me and my Mum’s EPIC Arctic Christmas Adventure! {VIDEO}

This Christmas I said to my Mum, lets gift each other memories, not things. So off we went to the Arctic Circle … for what has now come to be known as;

‘Me and My Mum’s EPIC Arctic Christmas Adventure!’

My Mum has lived her dreams through us. Raising us kids. Her world. I decided that I wanted to make one of Mum’s dreams come true, a husky dog ride, so that’s what I planned.

Our first Mother-Daughter trip began from London Stansted where we flew to Stockholm Skavsta. We had just enough time in Stockholm for a hot chocolate before it was onto the Arctic Circle Train for an overnight train ride to Abisko Östra, for Abisko National Park.

Here we stayed for 2 nights at the hostel accommodation. We booked our husky ride with them directly. On our second and final night in Abisko we caught sight of the magical Aurora night show. The perfect end to a wonderful trip!

My Mum hasn’t travel outside London for more than 20 years. So this trip has been a LONG time coming. An emotionally significant event in our personal lives.

I must also shout out my *big* little brother, Anthony, who came along for the ride (thank you bro, you helped make it happen!).

I hope you enjoy sharing the moment with me and Mum!


This Christmas I said to my Mum, let’s gift each other memories and not things.

My Mum has only been away once in her life, 20 years ago.

Us kids have been her life.

Now we’re grown, I would like to see her out in the world, enjoying life.

Mum’s an anxious person. She wants to do things but always gives excuses why she shouldn’t or why she can’t.

This time though, she didn’t.

Mum has a very simple, almost childlike view of the world.

It has always frustrated me as I’ve often felt like the parent. But coming away with her has made me appreciate this quality. I hope it never gets taken away from her.

I moved to India 2 years ago and have been touched by the country’s family values and the way that most of its culture hinges on the family.

It has made me reflect on my own family and I want that for us.

Nothing is more important than family and making time for one another is the most priceless gift you can give each other.

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