#SongsFromTheRoad featuring Tashi Tamang – ‘Kaha Ma Katyo’

#ThisLittleLightTravels presents ‘Kaha Ma Katyo,’ a traditional Nepali folk song performed by Tamang Tashi.

This first recorded version of Kaha Ma Katyo was sung by Ganga Bardan, a prominent folk singer from eastern Nepal, for Radio Nepal in 1978. The song has been performed by many artists, from various eras. Most recently by Bipul Chettri singer-songwriter from Kalimpong, Darjeeling, India.

25-year-old Tashi is the co-owner of Pacha Mamma Cafe that operates in Bhagsu Nag, Dharamshala (April-September) and Agonda, South Goa (October-March). Born and brought up in Ambootia, Darjeeling, Tashi enjoys his music as much as he loves the bonhomie of the travellers.

I meet amazing people on my travels, and #SongsFromTheRoad is the celebration of these talented everyday people.


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